IF I could grant you 20 wishes

My 20 wishes journal

My 20 wishes journal

what would they be? In the Debbie Macomber(www.debbiemacomber.com) book, Twenty Wishes, from her Blossom Street series, a group of ladies decide to write down their own 20 wishes on a lark. They are at different areas and ages in their lives but begin to discover some of the deepest desires of their hearts have been suppressed. The amazing thing is that once they decide a wish is important enough to make the list of 20, they also find that it is important enough to pursue and some amazing & some amusing things happen. The magic of writing down the wishes helps them move from “if only but that would never happen” to “but why couldn’t it happen?” They begin to focus on their goals and discover many surprising things about one another and themselves. Like many other readers, I was inspired to create my list of 20 (it’s still a work in progress). I wanted something really special to write it down. Then I discovered this kit on the ArtGirlz www.artgirlz.com site and using some of the components plus some other items I had around the crafting area, this is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy it! There are lots of other goodies from the kit that you’ll be seeing later but meanwhile… what would you wish for? What’s standing in your way from getting it? WHY? Happy crafting! P


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