I’m BAAACCCKKKK (finally) and here’s something “tweet” for you

Nope not a twitter but a tweeter just the same. A friend of mine is hosting an ornament swap and since I love decorating the tree, I joined. I found the idea in the current Crafts and Things magazine and doctored just a little. Yep–I was the kid who couldn’t color by numbers because I disagreed with their color choices! Did I mention I HATE loose glitter because I make a huge HUGE mess with it?
Wanted to take a picture of my fingers the other day to show you just how bad the mess was but my fingers kept gluing together and I didn’t want to destroy my camera! I had a very bling manicure but it was over two of my entire fingers–Martha Stewart Rose Quartz glitter–pretty but only on the nails or the project.

For these, you use Crayola Model magic to shape your critters and let dry for 24 hours. Plan to make a few because ya have to use the whole package or waste it. I used white but might use colors if I had the glitter to match.

The project directions used Martha Stewart glitter so I did and Modge Podge Matt (which I ADORE!!!) so I started using it BUT…I had a bit of trouble getting an even coat with the foam brush I was using and rather than dig out a paint brush, I decided to use spray adhesive. THIS IS NOT A GOOD SUBSTITUTION TO MAKE!!!! Hence the glittered hand-i-cure.

(To reiterate—this glitter was adhered to better than half the surface of my right hand since I’m a lefty. I washed several times with water, hot water and liquid soap and cake soap. I tried Listerine. I tried baby wipes and clorox wipes. I took a shower and washed my hair. I tried baby oil, got desparate with it and added a toothbrush scrub. I tried nail polish remover. Somehow it came off with all that (mostly) and I still have some skin. So the moral of the story is DO NOT USE THE SPRAY ADHESIVE!!)

So I finally rescue my hands and pick up a birdie after letting the adhesive dry and THE GLITTER IS FALLING OFF THE BIRD in spots, right before my very eyes. It WON’T come off my skin but it WON’T stay on the birds!!!!! YYYYAAAAAAA

I get the Modge Podge back out with a cotton ball and do spot repairs. I made ten birds and didn’t kill off a whole bottle of glitter and my clothes from 3 days and my furniture have fairy dust everywhere.

Oh forgot to tell you I applied the jewelry head pin hangers before I glittered but they could go after. After the glitter is dried, you use black seed beads for eyes. The original called for a wire beak but I used gold twisty bugle beads and I like them better. The original called for tulle and felt feathers but I had some dyed guinea feathers here so….I wanted to match the glitter and the feathers but I’m scarred emotionally here so this little guy is one of my faves. ( He is my fave but don’t tell the others OK?) Hope you enjoy. OH yeah,
the eyes are glued on with a quick dry adhesive (3M), the beak is just pushed in there and the feathers are just pushed in too. I used an extra head pin to start the holes. It’s probably better to add just a bit of glue to help secure them but HEY, I’m traumatized here.

Happy Crafting! P.


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