I’m new to this blogging thing and always so excited to have you visit!

Angled view from lower left cornerSo I’m not so good at remembering to post how or why I do things like I do (’cause I don’t know any better! LOL–if you don’t know it isn’t SUPPOSED to work, you just might get it to work, right?) One of the first blogs I ever visited and still follow is for Lolly at Lollychops.com (or click the link on the left) and I found out that Lolly had been to visit me! Now not that I don’t love having EVERY ONE of YOU visit but having followed only a few blogs regularly at first, I just need Tim Holtz to stop by and say “hi” and I’ll be looking down at Cloud 9! Yep–I confess those were the first two blogs I read and now, I’ve been blessed to “meet” virtually and be inspired by so many more of you FABULOUS crafters and have you dropping by too! Correction: I’m already on Cloud 10, but I still have a goal to have you-know-who to drop by. TeeHee.
So anywho–Lolly mentioned she would love to see some details of my lovely lady of the sea and since she always inspires me so nicely, and in case someone else was thinking, “I’d love to see a detail”…here’s a few (5 to be exact). You should be able to enlarge them by clicking on the pic, if you’d like. My photography skills are still -eh!- but getting there and she wouldn’t work on the scanner. It seems some of the shells picked up some ink and I forgot to mention the glass marbles (most are coverd by sand & shells). And  here goes…The seashells on the "ocean floor"


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