Dressing Up

A simple dress with Crocheted trim

I’m in a swap at Inspire Swap Chat where the lovely and very talented Wanda/alleycatpixie hosted a designer’s dress exchange.  We were given a template and asked to make 6.  Many of the ladies created amazing dresses but most of mine were fairly simple.  I wanted to add a crocheted or lacy neckline on some but wasn’t sure how to go about it.  Enter last week’s blog post at www.Lollychops.com of creations that Lolly was inspired to try by a terrific blog (Stacy Cohen  http://stacycohen.blogspot.com/2010/05/sisters.html) that she follows regularly.  My answer was found!  I adhered my pp to a cardstock background with spray adhesive and cut out my template shape.  With a tiny hole punch (1/16″),  I punched 7 holes along the neckline and 7 along the waistline.  Lolly’s video tutorial is terrific so check it out here http://vimeo.com/11981377.  I used size 10 thread crochet and a size 7 steel crochet hook.  For the neckline, I used the blanket stitch base that Lolly uses.  For the waistline, that wasn’t gonna work, so I used long forgotten embroidery skills to make my base.  (think it’s a stem stitch but I’m drawing a blank tonight so please don’t yell!)  A single crochet in each base stitch followed by 3 double crochets in each single crochet (using the chain 3 turn as the first dc in the first base stitches).  At the waist, the middle single crochet held 5 double crochets.  Tie them off and secure the ends on the back.  Clear as mud?  It’s easier done than said so I hope the chain of inspiration will continue on to you and you’ll develop a project of your own to try this technique for.  I have the others in the Inspire Swap Chat gallery here http://www.inspireswapchat.com/albums/index.php?cat=10053 but this is my fave of my designs.  Enjoyand I’ll be back to share some other creations soon!  Happy crafting! P.


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