Gecko Galz Blog hop continues until Oct 31!

He seemed like the boy next door (The Expert Witness).

WHOA! So magnificent to see all the Gecko Galz love and it’s well deserved, not because of what I made (altho’ I’m soooo very glad you like it!!) but because of the awesome collage sheets, background papers, alphabets, stamps and the load of new ones issued each month!!! Gecko Galz rocks!! And I gotta tell you, I struggle each month to decide what to work with — I have tons of ideas to catch up to the possibilities.
So… If you looked early yesterday, you may have noticed there were a couple of delays in the blogs but we’ve updated those so you may want to check yesterday’s post to get it all in. There are 11, yes 11, in all FREE Gecko Galz collage sheets just for hopping along, plus the chance to win even more (deets on that in the previous post too.)
I was so pleased so many of you enjoyed my “expert witness” project. She is my fave—she hopped off the page at me when I received the sheet to work with and more or less demanded to be included LOL. She just looked to me like she had something of great import to say, loads of advice to share, and she was gonna give it to us, no matter what! I like her!!!
She’s shown displayed on an easel with creepy cloth behind. I began with the base frame from the Spooky Sentiments collection found here: I printed it onto cardstock, or you can purchase the printed pages directly from Gecko Galz at the same link. The sassy lass is printed on cardstock, cut out and mounted onto a bit of orange cardstock. The sentiment—I toyed with several ideas (“I only date vampires”; “Listen honey, …”) before, for some reason, she reminded me of those neighbors living near those who commit hideous crimes, who either find themselves with a microphone thrust in their face, or just canNOT resist all the media vans next door (“I thought we’d be kilt, or even worse!”). Soooo, I generated a speech bubble and played with fonts until I found one that suited me, resized it very tiny (this project is maybe 4″x5″), and printed it out. (BTW did you know that often those annoying Microsoft or other software updates include new fonts for your word processor? Just type your sentiment, highlight it and try anything that grabs your eye!) Unfortunately, I forgot to write down the font I used for this one. The speech bubble did not fit well without covering some of this lady’s sassy pose so I took a cue from art journalling, cut those into snippets and glued them in place with Elmer’s dual tip glue. (It helps to have a slightly skewed way of seeing things 😉 ).
Thanks for stopping by and all of the kind comments!! If you haven’t completed the hop, there’s images for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Gone with the Wind!!!, all sorts of goodies, right there FREE to you. Eleven full pages—be sure to check yesterday’s post if you didn’t find all eleven and gather those words to win by, too!


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