Paula--Self Portrait 3-18-2010

 I’ve always enjoyed crafting, having wanted to be an “artist” when I was very young.  Through the years, I continued making crafts but became increasingly self conscious about showing my work.  I enjoy paper crafting, altering items, mixed media, painting water media, and knitting.  I was never able to receive a good solid base in art education as I was growing up.  As an adult, I was fortunate to study locally with a very gifted artist for a brief while and I read to help expand my knowledge.  I take classes nearby when they are offered in my interest areas but getting from know-how to do-now has been a long journey.  I am starting my blog to challenge myself to stick with my creative goals and to expose my creations to a wider audience. 

I live in southern WV with my hubby, two children and an aging beagle.  I am working on my goals for myself creatively and improving my time management skills to help me achieve them.  I am exploring the role that art will play in my life, whether remaining a hobby or growing into something more.  Regardless I now say, “I am an artist.  And this is what speaks to my heart!”  I hope you will find something that makes you smile, maybe inspiration, maybe peace and that you just might launch out on your own journey of discovery!


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